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Mobile Device Data Recovery

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Mobile Device Data Recovery

Professional data recovery (data extraction) from more than 500 mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, cellular phones, portable GPS devices etc.


Physical, file system and database data recovery from most mobile devices.
Physical extraction and decoding while bypassing pattern lock / password / PIN from Android devices including HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy S, SII, SIII family.
Physical extraction from BlackBerry® devices running OS 4-7. Exclusive decoding: BBM data, apps, emails, Bluetooth etc.
Extraction and decoding from most Apple devices running iOS3+.
Physical extraction and decoding from locked Nokia BB5 devices including password extraction from some devices.
Access to locked devices by bypassing, revealing or disabling the user lock code.
File system extraction from any device running Windows phone 7.5 and 8 including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE.
TomTom® trip-log decryption, and data extraction from other portable GPS devices.
Using custom boot-loaders enabling accurate and forensically sound data recoveries.
The extraction and decoding of application data, passwords (user lock codes), emails, call history, SMS & MMS, IM (instant messaging), contacts, calendar, media ­files, location information, phone details (IMEI/ESN), ICCID and IMSI, SIM location information (TMIS, MCC,MNC,LAC) etc.
The generation of easy-to-read reports if required.


LEVEL 1 - File System (Logical) Recovery

It is the process of extracting the logical file system including databases and hidden files from mobile devices not yet supported using the physical data recovery process. This does not include the recovery of unallocated space but in some cases enables the recovery of deleted files employing methods and software more advanced than D.I.Y. mobile recovery programs.

LEVEL 2 - Deleted Information Retrieval From Database Files

Deleted database records such as call log entries, contacts, messages (MMS/SMS) etc. can in some cases be recovered following a file system, physical or hardware data recovery.

LEVEL 3 - Physical Data Recovery

This is an advanced process where a bit-by-bit copy (clone) is made of the entire flash memory of a mobile device (on the lowest possible level) including unallocated space. This method bypasses the devices operating system recovering the data directly from the devices internal flash memory. The process is made possible using custom boot loaders that can even bypass user locks or passcodes in some cases. This not only enables the acquisition of intact (un-altered) but also hidden or deleted data.

Unallocated space may contain deleted data like SMS records, call logs, phonebook entries, media files such as photos and videos, deleted passwords, installed applications, geo tags, location information, GPS fixes, emails, chats etc.

LEVEL 4 - Hardware Data Recovery

This is an advanced process of recovering a physically damaged (e.g. broken, faulty, dead, water damaged etc.) mobile device. The process could include taking the device apart and removing the memory and other chips in order to recover the data. It is typically a complex and time consuming process taking on average 3-8 weeks.

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